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- Chinese Medicine explanation and treatment

Tennis elbow is inflammation of the tendon which joins the muscles of the forearm to the lower end of the upper arm bone (the humerus). The muscles at the back of the forearm flex the fingers and wrists, and they are all connected to the same point on the outer side of the humerus. Not surprisingly, in view of the muscles' constant use, inflammation can sometimes result, causing extreme tenderness and pain down the forearm and up to the shoulder. Any repetition action - typing, working at a supermarket checking out, or repeated lifting - can cause tennis elbow, as well as playing tennis frequently. If tennis elbow persists, and is caused by an aspect of the victim's work which they are unable to avoid, a GP may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs of cortisone injections.

Chinese Medicine says it is caused by cold and damp in the elbow region. Treatment with Chinese herbal medicines including cinnamon twigs, angelica root and white ginger can be very effective, as can acupuncture combined with moxibustion.

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