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- Chinese Medicine explanation and treatment

There are two main kinds of infertility, Primary Infertility and Secondary Infertility.

  • "Primary Infertility" refers to the condition of a woman who has failed to become pregnant for more than two years although her partner's reproductive cycle is normal.

  • "Secondary Infertility" describes the condition of a woman who has failed to become pregnant for more than two years after a labour or miscarriage.

More and more western women are now suffering from primary infertility, because many of them start planning a family late in life (beyond the age of 30) and many have been long-term users of the Pills.

There are several causes of infertility. To make a proper diagnosis, it is firstly necessary to exclude the possibility of a congenital abnormality or defect of the reproductive organs.

The key to the treatment of infertility is the understanding of the characteristics of the menstrual cycle and the Yin - Yang patterns, and thus trying to regulate the Qi and blood, balance Yin and Yang, regulate menstruation and promote ovulation, so as to achieve conception.

If the infertility is caused by a male problem, we have to treat the man and also look at the female partner.

  • Infertility is generally due to congenital deficiency of kidney Qi, which may imply deficiency of kidney Yang. In such cases, the uterus cannot be warmed.

  • A deficiency of kidney essence and blood can also result in infertility, by depriving the Chong and Ren channels and collateral of the uterus of nourishment, and deficiency of Yin also leads inevitably to hyperactive of fire, which may accumulate in the sea of blood.

  • A third cause of the condition is mental depression or anger, which produces stagnation of the liver Qi and thus disharmony of the Qi and blood. As a result, the function of the Chong and Ren channels are impaired. 

  • Obesity, due to indulgence in highly flavoured foods, is the fourth cause of infertility. This impairs the function of the spleen in transportation and transformation, producing internal phlegm-damp, which retards Qi circulation and thus blocks the collateral of the uterus.

  • The fifth causative factor is residual menses or blood after labour which, when affected by exogenous pathogenic cold coagulates and again blocks the collateral of the uterus.

Traditionally, Chinese medicine treats infertility on the basis of the following differentiations: Deficiency of the kidney - Yang or kidney - Yin, stagnation of blood.

  • TCM practitioners can do acupuncture to help with the blood circulation and body balance.

  • TCM practitioners will prescribe the herbs for warming the kidney, toning Yin, blood and essence, regulating the liver's function in maintaining free flow of Qi, relieving depression, invigorating the spleen and nourishing the blood, resolving phlegm-damp, circulating Qi and improving blood circulation, clearing the channels, resolving blood stasis and regulating menstruation.

  • We also have drinking liquid and tablets to give your body nutrition, at the same time, regulate your body completely and help to get pregnancy.

Acupuncture can help the people who have difficulty to get conceive naturally or combined with IVF treatment, often have good results.

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