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- Chinese Medicine explanation and treatment

A variety of symptoms are associated with this migraine. The headaches may be preceded by flashing lights, blurred vision and other visual disturbances such as an "aura" caused by temporary narrowing of the blood vessels to the brain. Immediately afterwards the arteries open up, allowing a gush of blood to the brain and causing a severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. Not all migraines follow the same pattern. Some migraine sufferers experience numbness and tingling in the arms, or feelings of exhaustion, and extreme sensitivity to light.

In Chinese Medicine migraine is caused by excessive stagnation of energy in the liver and gallbladder which invades the stomach. The pain above the eyes, or flashing lights with pain in the forehead or sides of the head, indicate, according to Chinese Medicine theory, involvement of the channels from the liver. The nausea is caused by liver invasion of the stomach.

Chinese Medicine treatment concentrates on strengthening and tonifying the stomach, reducing the tension in the liver, and moving the Qi from the liver and gallbladder. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe Ginseng, poria, ginger and Chinese date for the stomach; skullcap, thorowax root and strong purging herbs such as Chinese gentian for the liver; with acupuncture for the headaches. This form of Chinese Medicine treatment has an encouraging success rate for migraine.

Acupuncture is also often very effective for migraine sufferers; and acupressure can achieve the same effect for people who are squeamish about needles, but herbal medicines can also be prescribed. A combination of these methods can often be highly successful. Chinese meditation techniques can also help.

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