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- Arthritis
- Asthma / Hayfever
- Addictions (Alcohol / Smoking)
- Back & Neck Problems
- Circulatory Problems
- Digestive Disorders / IBS
- Frozen Shoulder
- Fatigue
- High Blood Pressure
- Headaches / Migraines
- Hair Losing
- Insomnia
- Infertility / IVF Support
- Weight Problems
- Menopausal Symptoms
- Sexually Related Disorders
- Stress / Anxiety / Depression
- Sports Injury / Tennis Elbow
- Skin Problems
- Stroke Rehabilitation
- Sinus Infection
- Tinnitus
- Trapped Nerve / Sciatica

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- Chinese Medicine explanation and treatment

Although the menopause is a natural change, it does not always go smoothly. Women going through the menopause can suffer from hot flushes, depression, migraine, headaches, or loss of calcium, leading to osteoporosis.

The diagnosis for menopausal symptoms in Chinese Medicine is likely to be an imbalance between the liver and kidneys, with weakness in the kidneys and blood deficiency. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will use Acupuncture to help, but in the more serious cases herbal medicine is usually more effective in restoring the body's internal balance and the balance of the hormones. In Chinese Medicine Chinese angelica root, raw and cooked rehmannia, peony root and thorowax root are commonly used. These work well and do not produce the side-effects sometimes involved in hormonal treatment.

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